Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Son Elisha Enrique Ramirez

On August 20th, 2008 we were excitedly on our way to our 17 week level II ultrasound. This is the ultrasound we would find out the sex of our lil one and check-up to make sure everything was a-ok. I lay on the ultrasound bed as she puts the wand on my belly and lands right on lil Elishas "boy parts"...I turned back and looked at Enrique and smiled. He asked me if I was upset, I told him "No honey, as long as he is healthy". She went on to the feet and started doing all the measurments and telling us everything she was taking pictures of, until she got to the head, and then all the explanations halted. She told us that she could not get a good measurement of the head, she turned me on my side and said she would be back in a minute to see if he would move. She left the room, and we KNEW something wasn't right. I had seen also when she went over the heart that I only had saw 3 chambers, when I knew there should have been 4, but I could be wrong. When she came in, the doctor followed. I felt my heart drop to my feet, I knew whatever it was, was not good. The doctor sat down at the ultrasound machine and started to explain that our son is measuring almost two weeks behind in size...he paused for what seemed like forever looked at me and said "what I have to tell you is not good news, you baby, like your last is "Incompatible with Life"" Honest to goodness I almost punched this nice man right in his face. I lost it, silently, but I lost it. I just lost my daugther a year ago, and now this man is telling me my son is going to die too.!. He was very nice, and showed us on the screen how our little son has no skull above his eyes, and how there was brain matter just floating around on the top of his head. He said our son has Anencephaly. I never knew there could be such a thing, a human with an open head and little to no brain!!! But then again I never heard of Triploidy, the lethal chromosomal anomoly that took our daughter. I asked if there could be any harm to me or my son to keep the pregnancy, he said there was no harm. We are keeping our son we created with LOVE with us for as long as the GOOD LORD will allow us.


  1. JAN 11 09
    My heart feels like its in my throat, I am so somber tonight and I just am scared to death for you and your family. All I can do is pray and hope everything turns out the Way you are hoping. I will never forget such a brave mother you are. With love and hugs....scoobygrl79 from Jan 09 boards(aka Lisa)

  2. My heart breaks for you. I have a son that resides with my Father in Heaven since 1990. not anencephaly but heart. Truly doesn`t make a difference in the big scope. Elisha is beautiful and I am sure that he is keeping everyone in heaven busy. Take care of yourselves. You are an inspiration to others.