Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memorial Services for Elisha Enrique Ramirez

Memorial Services for Elisha Enrique Ramirez will be held at our church Without Walls Central located at 777 Carpenters Way Lakeland, Florida 33809 on Saturday January 24th at noon. Memorial services with be held in the chapel. We will have a balloon release for Elisha, we will have balloons for everyone to release, however if you would like to bring your own helium balloon or special note to Elisha to attach you are more than welcome. Please let me know by email if you are attending the service because I would like to have a keepsake for everyone to take home. My email address is .
Thank you all again for your support.
Shelley and Enrique


  1. Shelley, Phill, Kaleb and myself will be there for the service. I know that it will be a very sad day, even though we will be there to celebrate baby Elisha's life. But I hope that it would bring you at least some closure. And remember that God has a wonderful plan ahead :)
    With all my love,

  2. Shelley,
    ive been reading each day, all day, and tonight, your updates. I couldnt comment on the birth of your angel when he was born, because my mind is just completely blank when i look for all of the right words. You are my absolute hero. I am amazed at your strength and your faith. Elisha is a BEAUTIFUL BABY. I just stare at these pictures and wow, that's the baby boy that you gave life to for all those months. THrough our phone calls and texts, thats the little boy that we spoke of. I have a million things to say, yet nothing at all to say, because again, i'm just at a loss for words. You just might be the most special person ive ever known, with two of the most specials angels in heaven. Love to you always and always.

  3. Shelley,
    Elisha is so cute. You are such a strong women as a women, mother, and in you walk. You are a ture insperation. I am so glad that yall got to spend some time with Elisha. If I was in Florida I would come. But I will be thinking about you guys that day and keeping you in my prays. Thank you for keeping us posted on everything that has happend.

    Melissa (WTE Jan 09)

  4. Shelley, I am in Flagstaff AZ and of course would not be able to attend your angels memorial. I hope that you wouldnt mind if I let my own balloon go in his name to honor you and your family and the strength and faith you have had through it all. Much love and many prayers have been sent your way by several groups of my friends and family. It is good to know how strongly you felt God in your presence. Dont let that go as He will always be there and will be proud to say you carried two of His beautiful angels for Him. Much Love and Hugs, CindyLouSchu, Feb WTE Board.

  5. Shelley I would love to come but unfortunately i am in CT. Elisha is such a beautiful baby and im glad you got to spend some time with him.He is so very lucky to have you and Enrique for parents. I am going to email you because i hand make angels from ribbon and would love to send you one for him and if you would like one for his sister Alexis who i am sure is with now. Your in my prayers and thoughts



  6. Elisha's Mommy,
    I just read your story all the way through for the first time and I just wanted to let you know that I think you and your family are amazing and so very brave. I am so sorry you've had to let go of two perfect precious children but I am so thankful that we have people like you in our world that know they will see them again someday. Your simply amazing and my prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story.

  7. Elisha is a beautiful little boy! Your pictures are wonderful. Please Mom and Dad, take care of yourselves both need TLC. Thank you for letting all of us share this journey with you. You have taught us all so much. I would love to come to Elisha's service but I live in Minnesota. You will be in my thoughts on that day.
    And I still have to sad as I got reading your updates..I still love reading your "hehe's" (I've mentioned that before) are special! :)

  8. Shelley,
    You do not know me but I am Mommy to be from the March '09 boards. As I read your blog, I couldn't help but be overcome with how much your Faith in the Lord remained unshakened as you dealt with such a heavy load. I want you to know that the Lord God is soo happy that one of His children has learned to praise and exalt Him, even in your darkest hour. How proud He must be of you and your husband. You are an outstanding role model for other mothers but more importantly other Christians, and I thank you for that. I can't imagine going through what you have been through (not just once but twice) but your strength and smiling face is amazing. The Lord has a special plan for not just you but your husband as well, and in time He will reveal that plan to you. I know you will be open minded to Him and be listening to what He has to say to you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and your son is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. He has touched sooo many lives, which is soo much more than I can say for half of America. He is very very very special and I know how proud you are of him. Thank you for sharing your journey with complete strangers and allowing such a hard stepping stone in your life to be a great witness for the Lord.

    My heart is with you and your family,


  9. God bless little Elisha. My heart is with you and your lovely family. It is nice to have them near you giving you the strength you need. I will be praying for you. And a long kiss through the distance to your angel.

  10. Aunt Shell Bell I love you and baby Elisha very much! You were blessed with this child with the hands of God. Today that will be a memory that will last forever. I love you!