Monday, April 20, 2009

Guess Who's Expecting!?!?!?

Hello friends, family, and followers. We are HAPPY to announce that we are pregnant again. I have taken about 4 home pregnancy test all showing pregnant. I called this morning to make our first appointment, which will be tomorrow Tuesday April 20th at 3:30p.m.. I can't wait. I am SO excited. God is going to bless us, I just know it. I have had my family down for the last 2 weeks, my wonderful sister Lisa, my brother-in-law and my neice and nephew. We just spent this last weekend at Lido beach with my mom and dad, brother and his family, sister and her family and Enrique and Kaleb. It was wonderful. So my family was all around us we got our positive test!!! We conceived during Christs death and ressurection and will be born around His birthday.!. I know God is up to something here. By my cycle, our estimated due date would be December 26th. I am sure that will change once I get my first ultrasound, but for now that is where I am. I have no symptoms what-so-ever and I am not complaining about that at all. I know we have a blessing in-store...I have been thanking God in advance, and going to continue thanking Him! And thank you to everyone that has been following our journey and praying for us...God heard you, and I thank you all. I could not ask for better friends and family to have. I will post tomorrow after my doctors appointment. I can't wait, I love everyone at my doctors office dearly. They are so kind and supportive to us. It is hard to find a doctor that will support your decision to carry a terminal baby. I thank God for all of them. Well I will talk to you all tomorrow. :)
God Bless